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Built to meet the moment: Yottaa

Presented By

Rich Stendardo - CEO, Yottaa

Facing school closures and shelter-in-place orders, the world turned to the internet like never before in early 2020. This series explores how the teams behind some of the...More

Built to meet the moment: Yottaa

Presented By

Rich Stendardo - CEO, Yottaa

Facing school closures and shelter-in-place orders, the world turned to the internet like never before in early 2020. This series explores how the teams behind some of the web’s best experiences prepared for this monumental shift and adapted to the new user needs and behaviors it sparked.

Thank you to our speakers

Joshua Bixby



Cassandra Dixon

Sr. Manager - Edge Solutions Architect


Todd Jimenez

Lead CDN Engineer


Krystal Mejia

Senior Software Engineer


Joshua Croad

Senior Software Engineer


Dom Charlesworth

Technical Lead


Natxo Imaz Erdoiza



Tom Hayman

Head of Platform Engineering


Sean Leach

Chief Product Architect


Mark Nottingham

Senior Principal Engineer


Jana Lyengar

Distinguished Engineer


Lin Clark

Senior Principal Engineer


Luke Wagner

Distinguished Engineer


Maurice Wilkins

Director, Inclusion and Diversity


Tyler McMullen



Tobias Macey

DevOps Engineering Manager


Jeff Valeo

Senior Director - Site Reliability Engineering


Chaim Klar

System Architect


Andriy Say

Lead QA & Reliability Engineer


Hani Batla



Ido Safruti

Co-founder & CTO

Perimeter X

Phil Cluff

Streaming Architect


Kimmie Nguyen

VP, Product Growth


Pablo Mercado


Vox Media

Cait O’Riordan

Chief Product & Information Officer

Financial Times

Dan Russell

SVP of Cloud Strategy, Cloud Sales & Alliances


Dolores Quinonez

Senior Software Engineer


Adam Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer


Bryce Fisher-Fleig

Lead Video Software Engineer


Matt Ball

Senior Video DevOps Engineer


Rich Stendardo



Zane Lackey

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences


Andrew Peterson

Co-Founder, Signal Sciences


Nick Rockwell

SVP of Engineering


Dana Wolf

SVP of Product and Marketing


Catharine Strauss

Senior Manager, Capacity Planning and Tools


Artur Bergman

Chief Architect and Executive Chair


Danny Sanchez

Senior Product Manager


Yanyan Ni

Site Reliability Engineer, Platform Engineering


Arijit Ghosh

Senior Engineer, SRE


Joshua has been helping Fastly grow for seven years, including as CEO since February 2020. With Joshua as part of the leadership team, Fastly went public in 2019 and continues to expand its modern approach to online development globally. When he’s not helping make the web a better place, Joshua enjoys spending time with his wife, coaching his three sons in sports, and being an active part of his community.

Cassandra Dixon is a Senior Manager for Solutions Engineering covering the Edge Delivery team. With almost 7 years in Fastly's Client Service division, Cassandra has worked with developers to build various edge computing solutions. She continues this work and vision with a talented team of architects, bringing our customers more control, better performance, greater visibility and learning resources. Outside of work she enjoys food & wine, sports (Go Lakers!), and the joys/challenges of parenting.

Todd Jimenez has been wrangling onsales at Ticketmaster for over 17 years and is currently their lead CDN engineer. In his spare time, he enjoys crafting regular expressions and reading log files.

Krystal is a Senior Software Engineer in the Video Technology Group at ViacomCBS. Following an internship for CBS Sports Digital, she transitioned to video, leading ad tech and streaming initiatives across CBSSports.com, Sports HQ, CBSi Advanced Media, as well as being a key contributor to large scale events such as Super Bowl LIII. Currently, Krystal splits her time between multiple projects across Live, VOD & Packaging, as well as recruiting talent to ViacomCBS and mentoring female developers.

Starting his tech career early by copying and pasting HTML into FrontPage, Josh now professionally copy and pastes VCL into Fastly. Excited by solving product challenges with infrastructure, Josh plays a key role in shifting engineering operation closer to the edge. He works as a technical lead at RVU, focused on the lifetime value of our customers.

Dom studied Maths at university where he chose to ignore the crowds of statisticians, and instead gravitated to problem solving on computers, with a particular focus on Functional programming due to his early exposure to Emacs. He now works as a Principal Engineer of product at RVU with that same drive to solve problems - focusing on balancing performant, reliable, and scalable platforms with the opportunity to indulge in novel and engaging ideas for the web.

Natxo Imaz is an expert in OTT platforms. Since he joined Mediapro in 2006, he has worked on projects related to sports and audiovisual content, specializing in high-attendance platforms for sporting events. On his list of projects are Gol Televisión, beIN Sports España, uBEAT, OneSoccer and Telefoot. And in general projects parallel to the world of digital and media services.

Delivering technical leadership and strategic direction across teams to deliver a cloud first strategy enabling Dunelm to achieve its customer first goals. In the last year, we successfully re-platformed dunelm.com to a leading e-commerce platform built in Serverless technologies. We have more to go after and this is just the beginning of our digital transformation journey.

Sean is Chief Product Architect at Fastly. He was previously VP, Technology for Verisign, where he provided strategic direction along with product and technical architecture and was a primary company spokesperson. Sean was previously CTO of name.com, a top 15 domain registration and web hosting company as well as a Sr. Director at Neustar. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the University of Delaware. His current research focus is on DNS, DDOS, Web/network performance, Internet infrastructure and combating the massive Internet security epidemic.

Mark Nottingham has helped develop the Web and the Internet since the late 90’s. He has written more than twenty IETF RFCs and W3C Recommendations about topics like HTTP, caching, linking, Web architecture, privacy and security. He has also chaired the HTTP Working Group since 2007, been a member of the Internet Architecture Board since 2017, and was a member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group before that. At Fastly, he’s part of the Office of the CTO.

Jana Iyengar is a Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, with a focus on transport and networking performance, including building and deploying QUIC and HTTP/3. He is an editor in the IETF’s QUIC working group and he chairs the IRTF’s Internet Congestion Control Research Group (ICCRG). Prior to Fastly, he worked on QUIC and other networking projects at Google, before which he was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Franklin & Marshall College.

Lin Clark is a Senior Principal Engineer at Fastly, focusing on WebAssembly. She is a co-founder of the Bytecode Alliance, which is driving WebAssembly’s modular ecosystem forward. Many people know her through her long-running series, Code Cartoons, which helps people make sense of different WebAssembly standards and the ecosystem's overall direction. She has worked on web standardization and devtools at Mozilla, JS ecosystem best practices at npm, and was a Drupal core module maintainer.

Luke Wagner is a Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, working on WebAssembly standardization, ecosystem and tooling. Before joining Fastly, Luke worked for a decade at Mozilla on Firefox, focusing on the JavaScript engine, performance, security and standards. During this time, Luke co-created asm.js which then evolved into WebAssembly. Luke is one of the co-creators of WebAssembly and a co-founding member of the W3C Community and Working Groups.

Maurice Wilkins leads Global Diversity and Inclusion at Fastly, where he is building the company’s first comprehensive model for inclusion and employee engagement. Maurice began his career in the education and non-profit space primarily focused on youth and juvenile justice programs, and he currently serves on the Board of LearnServe International, an innovative non-profit helping shape the next generation of social impact leaders and entrepreneurs.

Tyler McMullen is CTO at Fastly, the leading edge cloud platform, where he is responsible for evolving the system architecture and the company’s technology vision. He leads a team of experienced technology innovators focused on internet scale, and working on future-facing, ambitious projects and standards. As part of the founding team at Fastly, Tyler built the first versions of Fastly’s Instant Purging system, API, and Real-time Analytics.

Tobias Macey manages and leads the Technical Operations team at MIT Open Learning where he designs and builds cloud infrastructure to power online access to education for the global MIT community. In addition, he hosts the Data Engineering Podcast and Podcast.\_\_init\_\_ where he dives deep into the tools, topics, and people that comprise the data engineering and Python communities respectively.

Jeff Valeo is a Senior Director at Grubhub for Runtime Systems, which includes Site Reliability Engineering, Database Engineering, and Security Engineering. Before Grubhub, Jeff worked at Twitter on Site Reliability Engineering, Apple on Retail Store Infrastructure, and in various other roles focused on infrastructure and reliability engineering. In his free time, Jeff enjoys distance running and racing his Formula Vee with the SCCA.

Chaim Klar is senior member of the system architecture team at Adorama. He spends his days devising ways to bend technology to the needs of the end user and solve for complex challenges of operating a large ecommerce platform while also rebuilding it without interrupting the business of making money. He enjoys long walks in the park and committed to taking care of him family and community.

With a background in telecom, Andriy Say has been doing QA for ~15 years. He started from embedded systems testing, including development of web/cli interfaces, then moved to pre-sales support and team management. He works on setting up and running QA at services company that include multiple teams and projects.

Hani is the CIO/CTO at Adorama, an ecommerce company dedicated to serving the community of creators. At his core, he is an innovative, technical product leader, design focused, data-driven, champion of end-users and creator of new technologies.

Ido Safruti is the cofounder and CTO at PerimeterX, the leading provider of application security solutions, delivered as a service, the company’s solutions detect risks to your web applications and proactively manage them. Ido has been working and researching cybersecurity and web infrastructure for most of his career, starting in the Israeli Intelligence, and laters in companies like Cotendo and Akamai.

Phil is a seasoned online video specialist, with experience building video products which power some of the biggest SVOD, AVOD and public service funded streaming platforms in the world. With 10 years experience, Phil has designed, built, and scaled software for the BBC, Brightcove, and most recently, Mux. Alongside his day job, Phil organises the London Video Technology Meetup and co-organises Demuxed. He also enjoys cold IPAs and Lego.

Kimmie Nguyen is the Vice President of Product Growth at Fastly, leading initiatives on business strategy, go-to-market strategy, pricing, and analytics. She has been a product management leader with over 15+ years of experience at companies such as Six Apart and Salesforce, ranging in size from 10 to 10,000+ employees.

Pablo Mercado is CTO at Vox Media where he oversees the engineering and media technology teams that build and operate the systems and services that enable Vox Media's portfolio of brands, including NY Magazine, Vox, The Verge, and Eater, as well as Vox Media's partners and customers to reach an audience of millions every day.

Cait O’Riordan is the FT’s Chief Product and Information Officer (CPIO). She is responsible for platform and product strategy, development and operations across the FT Group, working in close partnership with editorial and commercial teams. She is on the FT executive board, which is responsible for the company’s global strategy and performance.

As TED's Director of Technical Operations, Dan keeps the website and APIs up and running so that people around the world can enjoy TED Talks. In early 2020, he and the rest of the team moved the TED Conference to an online format with a 3-hour kickoff and 10 weeks of bite-sized ideas. Before TED, he managed operations for Nokia's mapping platform (HERE.com) and large-scale websites like www.AOL.com and Engadget.

Dolores Quinonez works as a Sr. Software Engineer at Chartbeat. She has more than 10 years of experience designing and building applications with a focus in web development. In her spare time, Dolores enjoys doing watercolor paintings, playing video games and reading novels.

Adam Nguyen is a senior frontend developer at Chartbeat and the principal developer behind Chartbeat’s Image Testing. He has 5 years of experience working as a web engineer, primarily specializing in JavaScript technologies.

Bryce started writing JavaScript in middle school for fun, but majored in philosophy and religion. Despite working in the nonprofit world for 3 years, Bryce often stumbled into problems best solved with code. Through the magic of Craigslist, Bryce was able to transition to software engineering 9 years ago. When he's not blogging about CI/CD, he's working to make the best end-to-end observability tool for live video streams at ViacomCBS, or playing with his wife and two children in San Francisco.

Matt started his career as a network engineer at Cingular Wireless, now AT&T. In more recent years he has moved into the online video space as part of the Video Delivery and Experience (VDE) team at ViacomCBS where he works with various CDNs and internal customers to ensure video content is delivered to viewers in the most reliable and efficient way possible. Matt currently lives in San Francisco with his family and a cat named Chef.

As CEO of Yottaa, Rich Stendardo is responsible for the strategic direction and management of the company. Prior to joining Yottaa, Rich has held leadership positions at high-growth technology companies, including Amazon, Endeca (acquired by Oracle), and General Electric. He is passionate about technology and customer success, particularly the impact that technology innovation has on business and financial outcomes. Rich is a graduate of Boston University and Harvard Business School.

Zane Lackey is the Co-Founder / Chief Security Officer at Signal Sciences and the Author of Building a Modern Security Program (O’Reilly Media). He serves on multiple advisory boards and is an investor in emerging cybersecurity companies. Prior to co-founding Signal Sciences, Zane lead a security team at the forefront of the DevOps/Cloud shift as CISO of Etsy.

Prior to co-founding Signal Sciences, Andrew has been building leading edge, highly performing product and sales teams across five continents for +15 years with such companies as Etsy, Google, and the Clinton Foundation. His book Cracking Security Misconceptions encourages non-security professionals to take part in organizational security. He graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Science, Technology, and Society.

Nick Rockwell is the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Fastly, with 20 years of experience in product development and information security at top media publishing companies. Previously, Rockwell served as Chief Technology Officer at The New York Times, where he led the company’s digital transformation through a massive re-architecture of its website and other product offerings.

Dana Wolf is the SVP of Product and Marketing at Fastly. She is responsible for driving the product strategy and execution of Fastly's edge cloud platform, including its security and compliance offerings. She has 15+ years of experience in the security space, focusing on virtualization and cloud security, advanced security operations, hardware root of trust and governance, risk and compliance (GRC).

Catharine leads the Capacity Planning and Tools team at Fastly and brings more than fifteen years of experience building network and datacenter infrastructure to the challenge of scaling quickly and safely. Her fully-remote crew of data scientists and software engineers builds forecasting tools to help Fastly stay ahead of our customer growth and support our best and brightest hopes for a modern trustworthy internet.

Artur Bergman is the founder of Fastly, where he’s helping build a better, faster internet. Prior to founding Fastly, Artur served as CTO at Wikia, a Quantcast Top 20 site, where he built a content delivery network in-house. Before that, he managed LiveJournal’s engineering team and developed innovative techniques now considered the standard for web scaling (such as Memcached and Gearman). He was also CTO at a subsidiary of Canon Europe, a pioneer of cloud computing and PaaS technology.

Danny Sanchez is a Senior Product Manager at USA TODAY NETWORK, where he builds data products for usatoday.com and the network's 300+ local sites, including initiatives in news automation, election data and content publishing tools. Danny is a 15-year journalism industry veteran, having steered newsroom digital transformations and launched products in news, sports, subscription verticals, newsletters and podcasts at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant.

Yanyan Ni is a Site Reliability Engineer at Gannett, publisher of USA TODAY. She spends her time crafting applications and self-service pipelines to enable development teams to utilize Fastly in their mission to deliver the news. She is proud to have used Fastly to build community focused initiatives like Support Local and Take Action. After earning a PhD in Molecular Virology and an MS in Computer Science, Yanyan began her career at Gannett and finds writing VCL the more challenging endeavor.

"Arijit Ghosh is a Software Engineer at PayPal. He has 9+ years of IT experience in multiple Engineering Domains. He is passionate about building automated, highly available, secured & reliable infrastructure systems to provide innovative user experiences.
In his spare time he likes to cook for family, play video games and what he enjoys most is to find out ways to reduce latency to end users"

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